The low down


We are coffee roasters. We love what we do. Not just finding and roasting beans, but bringing people great coffee experiences.

We are specialty coffee roasters, but with an independent view. We are expressive. We are multidimensional. We are independent thinkers. This is where we exist.


Our approach to specialty coffee is different. We see beyond coffee culture and see coffee as a part of culture. We continue to explore different mediums that bridge the grower to the consumer to deliver the specialty coffee message. This unconventional way of doing business starts at the top, with two visionaries taking this team forward, each managing their own divisions with care. This lateral management model combines Rob Stewart and Derek Doyle’s expertise and experience to what is traditionally the top role, allowing them to share their knowledge and involvement through the entire organisation. Since 2002 DC has been committed to roasting specialty coffee. Specialty grade coffee is a given at DC! We don’t see this as a point of difference. We see this as a non-negotiable and it’s an attitude that is ingrained in all of our staff. With this mantra, we have since expanded our operations in NSW by setting up camp in Potts Point in an old heritage listed Laundry adequately named The DC Laundry.

We are a Melbourne coffee roaster, simply because our manufacturing infrastructure is there, but we have been servicing the Sydney and Adelaide markets since day one. We found that in Sydney, we needed a base for our team and a place that we could show off the potential of coffee, so we created the space that is the DC Laundry. This space isn’t a cafe, it is part showroom, part cupping room and part disco.


So after more than 10 years we are still looking to get better every day – it’s just what we do.

Call us; we are always open to coffee and a chat (especially if you want to talk coffee)

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