Specialty Coffee Roasters since 2002

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We are coffee roasters. We love what we do. Not just finding and roasting beans, but Bringing people great coffee experiences.

We are specialty coffee roasters, but with an independent view. Our peers take turns at repeating the story of where coffee comes from and how they make it. Asking customers and consumers to be educated on their coffee culture.

We approach specialty coffee differently. We don’t just see it as part of coffee culture, we see coffee as part of culture, different cultures. The different cultures that grow the beans, of our team that create our coffee, the places where people experience our coffee and the different cultures of our customers.

We are a little different, and we are happy with that.

Our biggest project outside coffee roasting at the moment is “dc tunes” which is an initiative that supports local music and local venues by funding monthly gigs with unsigned local artists.  Have a look at the Facebook page for up to date photos and details of dc tunes activities



So after more than 10 years we are still looking to get better every day – it’s just what we do.

Call us; we are always open to coffee and a chat (especially if you want to talk coffee)

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